Monday, May 6, 2013

Amy May


May name, well, fake name, anyway, is Amy May, and you can usually tell what posts are ones I have put up by the big 'HELLO INTERNETS' at the top {is that annoying? I don't want to be annoying [shut up] ok...}. I occasionally lapse into a bit of rambling and every now and then, some of my 'I need to please everyone' side comes out, only to be shut up by jerk me. Since they keep interrupting me when I post, I've given them both names to stop confusion. {My name's Ani. Was that ok, Amy? Did I mess that up? Should I try again?} [*Sigh* Mine's Nia. Deal with it.] (And this is for when I, Amy, have something to say directly to them)
     When it comes to reviews, I dabble in a bit if everything, and love crossovers. On my own, I'm probably going to review mostly Books and Fan-Fiction, good or bad. So, If there's anything you want to se me cover, than just send me a message!
     So far, I've reviewed:
     And I'm planning to review:
  • My Immortal (Fan-Fic)
  • The Host (Movie)
I'm Amy May, [Nia,] {And Ani,} and one is enough!

(I can't believe you two interrupted my outro!) {Sorry, Nia did it, and I thought we were doing a group thing} [............. What? You expect me to apologise?]

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