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Ninja Bob
I am the longest running member of our little group and here on the blog, I am in charge of Web page design, the official list of anime watching and moderating discussion here on the blog. Most of my posts will be cool animes, games or mods that I have found and want to share with you though I will do some reflection on topics that I find of interesting or just want to have my point of view out there. Please do be civil and one is never enough!

Amy May
My name, well, fake name, anyway, is Amy May, and you can usually tell what posts are ones I have put up by the big 'HELLO INTERNETS' at the top {is that annoying? I don't want to be annoying [shut up] ok...}. I occasionally lapse into a bit of rambling and every now and then, some of my 'I need to please everyone' side comes out, only to be shut up by jerk me. Since they keep interrupting me when I post, I've given them both names to stop confusion. {My name's Ani. Was that ok, Amy? Did I mess that up? Should I try again?} [*Sigh* Mine's Nia. Deal with it.] (And this is for when I, Amy, have something to say directly to them)
When it comes to reviews, I dabble in a bit if everything, and love crossovers. On my own, I'm probably going to review mostly Fan-Fiction, good or bad. So, If there's anything you want to se me cover first [too bad. The first one's going to be My Immortal.] {That's not very nice.} (But she's right.)
Yeah, the first review will be My Immortal, but if you have suggestions for  a review after that, go right ahead and put it in the comments!

I'm Amy May, [Nia,] {And Ani,} and one is enough!

(I can't believe you two interrupted my outro!) {Sorry, Nia did it, and I thought we were doing a group thing} [............. What? You expect me to apologise?]


I'm from an area subject to heavy and false stereotypes. I'm heavily into Japanese stuff like games and anime, an currently teaching myself the language though import games. The word 'weaboo' may spring to mind, but I have no desire to BE Japanese. That would be a rather nightmarish experience. So most of my interests are Japanese things, and at the moment western tv and media is complete garbage to me. I listen to Engrish music and game stuff mostly, and know almost nothing about western tv and music and I have no intention of learning. I'll be posting reviews of games an maybe a few animes. I might also write a few articles on random stuff. I'll post as many reviews as I can but if a recent release doesn't interest me then don't expect a review. Most will be JRPGs(No NIS except for Disgaea) and stuff from my backlog. I'll try to keep the bias to a minimum, but we all have our own opinions on what is good and bad in games. If you feel that there is a game that I should play that is on the PS1 or older, then leave a comment and I'll check it out and maybe review it. I am also currently thinking of ideas for a game to make, but don't expect anything for a while. First review should be up within the next few days, so be sure to leave feedback on how I could improve my writing.

Palooka musician
I spend most of my time gaming, and at the time of writing, I'm playing DE: Human Revolution, Saints Row: The Third, and I'm also having bundles of fun with Tatsuya's copy of Dark Souls. Right now, I'm looking forward to Fallout 4, and Watch Dogs. I dread the next gen, due to all the rumors about "always on" and "socializing". I don't like always on because I can has slow internet, and socialising because of obvious reasons. Aside from gaming, I watch some anime, (Hellsing, Code Geass, TFS abridged series, and might start watching the Persona 4 anime) and I am also a fan of Ben "Yatzhee" Croshaw. I also sometimes forget what to say when introducing myself, which is very awkward. I guess that's about it for me, see you when I figure out what to post.

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