Rose here. So, you may have noticed this new blog. After all, you are reading a post on it. And if you are in fact here, and not somewhere else (and if you are somewhere else HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?!), you may have notice the strange title we have here. But this title has a story behind it. A story that will be explained in our webcomic!
Yes, we are starting a webcomic, so original right? We would start it right away, but there's one problem. None of us know how to draw. So, we are calling on you, the CITIZENS OF THE INTERNETS, to help (if you feel like it). If you can draw, and can say you could draw at least one page a week, please leave a reply with a link to some of your work. We'll have a look, and if we like what we see, we'll contact you.
It is a comedy webcomic in a modern setting about superheroes.You must be able to draw a wide variety of people and animals IN COLOUR.

This is the Illegible Others, and one is enough.

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