Airmech Code Guide (All the free stuff!)

Guide how to get all the free codes and stuff in Airmech note that I will try to keep this updated but all of the codes worked at the time.

  • Two permanent AirMechs
  • Two variants of those AirMechs
  • Money Maker Unit
  • Archy Artillery 
  • Armadillo Tank
  • Boomer Infantry
  • 30-day XP and Kudos Boost! 
  • Raptr Pet
  • Raptr Talons (Item for the Bomber only)
  • Raptr Tooth Necklace
  • Exclusive ''Raptr'' Neo
Alienware rewards

The Alienware Invasion Pack gives you access to 4 exclusive items for AirMech you won't find anywhere else
  • An Alien Pilot that has skills beyond normal humans.
  • Two new Parts for your AirMechs: 
    • Alien Metal to reinforce your frame
    • An Alien Artifact to boost your leveling speed!
  • An exclusive variant of the Probe unit designed in true Alienware style.

Free for GamersFirst players who create their first AirMech account via GamersFirst AirMech Application G1 LIVE!
  • EXCLUSIVE APB Striker (No Longer Included)
  • "Tomcat" Striker Variant
  • "Apache" Helix Variant
  • Helix AirMech
  • Gemini Tank
  • Flakker Truck
  • Lunchbox Shield

If this helped please enter "Ninja_Bob117" into SOCIAL > REFERRALS before Level 6 and get 1000 KUDOS FREE!

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