Faster Then Light Review

FTL or Faster Then Light is a indie kick started game by Subset Games, In which you play as a space ship captain tasked with getting the secret plans of how to defeat the Death Star sorry I mean Enemy Mother Ship to the rest of you fleet while being cased by the rebel fleet. The game  is different as all of the systems and events are randomly generated so no one with have the same experience though life is hard in this galaxy with permadeath and may a foe you will die may times by this part of the experience and increases the replay ability of this game which you could get through in about thirty minutes. 

The game is played for a top down real time strategy view with you being able to pause at anytime to assign tasks to your crew as you mange your shields, engines, weapons, oxygen, airlocks and many other systems. Other then the combat their will be may choices you have to make from spending your hard fought scrap on repairing your ship, getting better shields or that cool new Perseus missile launcher. As well as dialog choices similar to a choose your own adventurer story with the all powerful Blue opinions in may  cases if you have a type of crew, weapons or module. 

The game features 7 unique races with the plain humans, the mechanical Engi who are good at repairing, the violent Mantis who like nothing more than to rip you limb for limb, the Rockmen who laugh off fire, the powerful Zoltan with the ability to add more power to your systems, the ancient crystal the ancestors of the rock men and the traitorous slugs with their telepathic abilities.

The music by Ben Prunty is split into two distinct styles the peaceful and calming low key music when you drifting in space and readying your ship for the next jump into the unknown, Contrasting the fast paced, heart pumping battle music which adds so much stress and tension to the intense battle management.

Overall FTL is a great unique indie title with brilliant design and hours of fun to be had here.


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